Closet Case Carolyn PJs


My first make of 2019 and one of my Make Nine! I’ve had this pattern on my to-sew list for the past year. There were always too many other things to sew in the spring, summer and fall, though. I knew it would be a great project in the winter after the holidays so I made a note of it and kept my eyes open for fabric. This pattern requires 5 yards of fabric so I was a little worried how I was going to afford that plus all the trims- they were going to be my most expensive pair of jammies!  Luckily last month I was at Joann’s and spotted a display of flannel for less than $3 a yard. I knew this was my chance! There were foxes on one and I was sold. The fabric pilled in the wash but I wasn’t expecting the best quality given the price. It would do for my first shot at this pattern.


When I mentioned I was making this pattern, a few people said they would never want to spend all that time on something no one would see and they would sleep in. I had those thoughts too but honestly (this time of year especially) I spend most of my time in pajamas so it only makes sense to make a pair!

It was my first time sewing piping. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time so this was another reason I chose this pattern. After sewing this, I can definitely say I need some practice with it. I bought a piping foot for my machine and I think it helped but it’s still a bit uneven in spots. It’s funny because I was most nervous about sewing the curves in the collar and that part looks the best! I opted out of the piping and sleeve cuffs. I accidentally cut the long length of View A and at this point I was over sewing piping so I left them long and hemmed the edge.

The instructions and the pattern itself is wonderful.  The only note I’ll make is that I didn’t see anything about finishing the shoulder seams so mine are unfinished. I’m not sure if I totally missed something or messed something up so I’ll have to remember that for next time.

As far as fit, I made the smallest size and I’m pretty happy with it. Next time I would make the rise in the pants a little higher. I have a long torso and tend to need a higher rise in pants. I’d also shorten the pants and the sleeves maybe an inch. I’m 5′ 2″ for reference.

I would absolutely make this pattern again- possibly in a fun cotton for the summer or maybe I’ll make a top in rayon to wear with jeans! This pair might not be perfect but they are so cozy and I will be wearing them a lot this winter!


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Tilly and the Buttons Arielle Skirt



My final project of 2018! This was a bit of a spontaneous make. Ive been holding on to a vintage skirt my friends mother had given me with a bunch of other clothes. She told me I could do whatever I wanted with them. The skirt was a pleated midi. It wasn’t really my style and it was too big. I absolutely loved the green velvet fabric though and realized there was enough fabric to make something new out of it! I was eyeing the Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt and thought it would be a great pattern for this. I bought the pdf and printed it Saturday night and made the skirt on Sunday. This pattern is great. Everything came together beautifully. Since this was a spontaneous make and I didn’t have any lining fabric on hand, I went for the unlined version. As I said in my last post, I want to slow down with my sewing. Normally I would have just serged my raw edges but I found some bias tape in my stash and took the time to sew it in. My stitching is less than perfect (the bias tape was a little thin for this fabric) but I still am really pleased with how it looks. To finish it off, I covered some buttons with the fabric. The only thing I might change is moving the placement of the buttons out a little bit. I marked the wrong edge when I tried the skirt on.


Happy New Year! Thank you for following along on my sewing journey.


2019 Sewing Plans!



(Seamwork Audrey Jacket, Closet Case Carolyn PJs, Papercut Kyoto Sweater, Jennifer Lauren Gable Dress, Colette Albion Duffle Coat, Jennifer Lauren Mayberry Dress, Megan Nielson Dawn Jeans, Colette Violet Blouse, Closet Case Kelly Anorak)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I made this year and what I would like to make in the new year. My goal this year was to make more practical garments and I definitely think I succeeded. I made a lot of basics that I got a lot of wear out of. I also made some things I’m not thrilled with. I hope to slow down in my sewing process this year so I can really focus on fit and details. I have a lot of plans this year but these 9 are at the top of my list. I think I would get a lot of use out of these as well as improve my sewing! What are your sewing goals for 2019?


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Jennifer Lauren Pippi Pinafore



I’ve had this project cut out since August or September and I’m so happy I finally got around to making it! The Pippi Pinafore is an overall dress with a fitted bib, patch pockets on the skirt and button fastenings on one side. I made it out of Marc Jacobs cotton velvet that I splurged on when I was at Mood fabrics in NYC over the summer. I’m pretty sure I only bought one yard so I managed to squeeze this pattern out of that! I’m really happy with the finished garment. I made it over a few evenings after work. It came together easily. The hardest part to me was attaching  the button placket and facing but the illustrations make it easy to figure out. For the straps, you can use hardware or you can use buttons. I opted for buttons. I think the construction is very clever- using a button hole on the bib to pass the strap through and up to fasten. This pattern is a winner to me. I’d love to make a solid linen one for the spring/ summer!


Seamwork Bo


I bought this star print cotton voile from Miss Matatabi a few months ago knowing it would be perfect for a Seamwork Bo. The Bo is a simple woven tee. There’s only 3 pattern pieces- a front, back and sleeve cuff, and you’ll need a little bit of bias tape for the neck facing. I swore I would never print at home and tape a pattern together again but this was only 20 pages so it wasn’t bad! It was a breeze to cut out.

It was my first time sewing with cotton voile and I found it a little tricky. My sewing machine didn’t want to pull it through even with my walking foot. I think i may have stretched it a bit in a few places and had the most difficulty with the bias tape around the neck. I unpicked and tried to perfect it a few times but I gave up when it was good enough. The fabric is so nice though and feels lovely on! I definitely would give it another try in the future.

Since the fabric is so sheer, I knew I wanted enclosed seams so I did a french seam at the shoulders and sides. The cuff encloses the raw edge of the sleeve. It’s a great pattern for lightweight fabrics but I’d be curious to try it in something heavier!

It should have been a very simple and quick make but sometimes with sewing things don’t go as planned! I definitely see myself making more of these. I think they will be great to wear in the summertime.

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Poetic Memory Etsy Shop Reopening!

Poetic Memory Etsy Shop!


I’ve been busy the past month and a half! If you’ve been following me a long time, you may remember that I used to have an Etsy shop and sell at craft shows. I stopped when I was planning our wedding and 4 years later I hadn’t started again! It was something I would always talk about and felt important to me to start again. Well, I applied to be in a craft show and when I was accepted, I couldn’t make anymore excuses. The show was so successful and I finally got my Etsy shop back up and running over this weekend. It’s full of felt pins, donut pattern weights, covered tape measures and zippered pouches. I’ll keep adding to it! I hope you’ll give it a look. I poured my heart into these items and I am so excited to share them!




Madalynne X Simplicity 8228 High Waisted Panty




Over the weekend I sewed a pair of matching underwear to the Simplicity 8624 bra I made  at the last bra making workshop I attended with Madalynne. I used the 8228 high waisted panty  pattern with this DIY kit from Madalynne! I picked up some DIY kits (OK, four of them) when I was at Maddie’s studio. They are so great because they have all the fabrics, trims and hardware you need (in a pretty and reusable box!) for your project. Lingerie supplies can be difficult to find and this means you can spend more time sewing and less time searching for the correct elastic or stretch mesh.  

I made this panty in less than two hours. I’m all about quick and easy projects these days and this definitely is one! Cutting out was super fast since there’s so few pieces and they are so small. My advice is to use a rotary cutter and when cutting your lace, be sure you are lining up the finished edge with the correct side of the pattern. (It’s the long edge without notches on the side front and side back pattern pieces) You also want to make sure that your lace panels are mirrored. I cut one out and flipped it onto the opposite edge of the lace. Since you can see through the lace, it’s easy to line up the design. Then I laid the pattern over it and cut out my second piece.

I definitely recommend using a walking foot and go slow! My elastic ran away from me a couple times but it was easy to bring it back to where it was supposed to be. And speaking of elastic, you’ll want to make sure the scalloped edge of your picot elastic is on the outside when you are finished so you can see that pretty detail. You’ll do this by lining up the flat edge against your raw edge of fabric and then when you flip it to the inside for the second pass of stitching, the scallops will show. My last piece of advice is to cut the elastic an inch or so longer than the guide so you have extra just in case. I somehow ended up a tiny bit short and had to redo a leg opening!

I hope you aren’t tired of seeing my lingerie projects- there’s definitely a lot more coming! I also hope I inspired some of you to try it out for yourself! Madalynne’s DIY kits are such great way to get started sewing your own lingerie.