Colette Penny



I made the Colette Penny dress over the past week and am so thrilled with this pattern! Penny is a shirtdress with two different styles- shortsleeved with a waistband and gathered skirt or sleeveless with a semi- circle skirt and waist belt. I made the latter.

The fabric I used is a cotton navy and white gingham I picked up at Jo Ann’s. I knew I wanted a dress for summer in this fabric but wasn’t sure what pattern to use when I bought it. It was the end of the bolt and the associate offered me another yard for half price. I’m so glad I decided to get it because I realized months later I had enough for this dress. The buttons I used I found in a Joanns clearance bin last month. I had no idea what I was going to use them for but I liked them. It was meant to be! They are the same gingham as the fabric and have a line of sparkle in them.


This was my last printed pattern of the three I won from Patternsy. It was a good choice because this pattern has a lot of pieces! I definitely do not recommend printing this one at home. I admit that I was putting this project off for quicker makes. I knew this was going to take some time and be more involved than anything else I’ve made in a while. The pattern sewed up very nicely, despite how many steps there were! The only issue I had was somehow my collar stand was too long for the neckline and I had to restitch. It’s less than perfect but it’s okay. I didn’t make any adjustments to the fit and I am happy with it.


This is a wonderful dress for summer and I think I can make it work into the cooler months with a cardigan. I’d love to make the other version but I’m sure it won’t be until next year. I highly recommend this pattern- just be sure to give yourself plenty of time!


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Mirambell Skirt


I made the Pauline Alice Mirambell Skirt over the weekend.  I’m very happy with the skirt and I know it’s going to get a lot of wear. I said I wanted to sew more basics and a denim skirt is a wardrobe staple! I was so frustrated making this skirt because I thought so many instructions were missing. Turns out I had it open on my computer so I could only see half of them. Such a silly mistake! It was a good test, though. Turns out I did everything correctly!


As far as the actual pattern, the only issue I had was that the waistband was at least 3 inches too short. I thought maybe I made a cutting error or made my pleats too large, but I really don’t see how I cut both waistband pieces separately wrong. Plus, all of the other pieces matched up with how I did my pleats. I had already interfaced, stitched and topstiched my waistband so the last thing I felt like doing was cutting a new waistband and starting over. I just added a little scrap to each end. It’s a little weird but I don’t think it’s really noticeable and it’s even on both sides so I’m just calling it part of the design.


I definitely recommend using an edge foot on your machine for a good portion of this skirt. I did a lot of topstiching and it made it so easy. I topstiched the top of the waistband and the edge of pockets even though it wasn’t instructed for a really clean finish. The pleats all need to be topstiched for this skirt as well as the bottom edge of the pocket facings.


The verdict: I’m very happy with this skirt. The fit is nice and I like the style. I just need to add a hook and eye to the top of the zipper because I noticed it is splitting at the top in these photos. If I make another one I’ll have to pay more attention to the length of the waistband and see what my mistake was!


Sew Over It Kimono Jacket


Hello! I wanted to share my latest make on here. If you follow me on Instagram then you might know that I’ve been battling bronchitis over the past 4 or 5 days. It’s been rough! (especially since I just want to sew!) I have so many projects in the works. It’s definitely going to be a busy summer once I’m feeling better.

Anyway, back to the kimono! This pattern is the first Sew Over It pattern I’ve tried and I already have 4 more (they were having a sale…). It was a very quick make. I cut it out one night and was able to sew it up after dinner another. It’s only four pattern pieces! If you’re looking for a satisfying make you can knock out in a couple hours I definitely recommend this! It comes in two different lengths and I went with the shorter one. The fabric I used is Rifle Paper Co rayon. A local fabric store was having a half off sale and was so happy I remembered I ordered this pattern when I was there! I think they work perfectly together.

As far as fit goes, I made the smallest size and I think it’s just fine. It’s loose fitting so there’s not much to fit as far as adjustments. I’m so happy with this kimono jacket. It’s easy to just throw on to make an outfit a bit more exciting,  and it’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer to keep my shoulders protected from the sun. I definitely want to make another one. Maybe I’ll try the long version next time!


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Colette Hawthorn

When I won three printed patterns from Patternsy, I asked for recommendations in the Seamwork/ Colette library since I had no clue which patterns to add to my collection! I had a few people suggest the Hawthorn. I never really thought much about it before but when I started looking into it I knew I had to make one. I ended up making two! I made the sleeveless shirtdress option and the short sleeve peplum top.

I made the dress first. I picked up this blue plaid cotton at a local fabric store knowing it would make a nice summer dress. After I made the dress, I had a vintage floral cotton I found recently that I knew would make a great top since there wasn’t a lot of it. The floral reminds me of a Liberty print! I ended up making the top right after the dress since the pattern was still out on my work table (not crumpled into a ziplock bag…) and the instructions were fresh in my mind.

I felt that they were both easy to sew and the instructions were clear. The only issue I had was with the buttonholes. My machine still likes to malfunction on those. For every 2 or 3 I did, the machine would forget what it is was doing or make the buttonhole super tiny. I’m happy to say I purchased a Bernina over the weekend and I’m hoping these problems are behind me.

Now, although I really like my finished garments- I have to admit there is a fit issue around the arms and the bodice. I feel like the arm holes need to be larger for me and maybe the bodice needs to be taken in a bit. I really should have made a muslin for this, and I’m sure you’re wondering why I made the second one identical to the first one. I guess I thought I made a mistake somewhere. I think they are both wearable and I’m not sure I’d be interested in taking them apart to make them fit better. I’m curious if anyone else had these issues.

I definitely am considering making another one- the long sleeve dress version in the fall. Hopefully I can sort out the fit issues by then.

After receiving my patterns from Patternsy, I decided I am never printing and taping together a pattern from home ever again! I placed a big order from PDF plotting because I wanted to try them out. They are both good options. I do like the tissue paper Patternsy uses over the standard white paper I received from PDF Plotting. With all of these PDF patterns comes an issue… how to store them! I’m thinking a binder with plastic inserts. I would love to hear any suggestions! I currently have them in ziplock bags but it’s become quite messy since I don’t have anything to store the bags in and I have to dig to find what I was looking for.

Lots of projects in the queue. Hopefully I will be back soon with my next make!

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Seamwork Leonora Skirt


I’m so glad I finally decided to make this skirt! I kept looking at RTW versions of a denim button down skirt in the store but I kept thinking back to this pattern. I really liked the idea of white version. I knew it would go with so many things in my closet. I plan on making a blue denim one too sometime this summer.


The skirt was pretty easy to make! I didn’t run into any issues until I was doing the buttons and button holes. My machine likes to malfunction when I want to make buttonholes on thicker fabric. I ended up doing most of them manually on the machine. Then, I had trouble installing the denim buttons. I bought the ones made by Dritz at Joann’s and do not recommend them. The pins kept bending when I hammered them. I managed to get these buttons attached but I’m not convinced they are going to last. I plan on replacing them with another brand sometime soon.


Overall, I’m happy with this skirt and am excited to wear it a lot this summer! 


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Sewing Swimwear


Last year I made my first swimsuit- B6067. (I’ll post a photo of this at the bottom.) I was nervous about it but I ended up being really happy with how it turned out. I never thought I could make a bathing suit. I always do that- think I can’t make something for some silly reason. For the longest time I wouldn’t make anything with buttons because buttonholes seemed too hard. Then I tried it and I realized how easy they are! If you want to make something, just go for it. There’s always a seam ripper and a youtube video to help you out. ; )



I knew I wanted to make another bathing suit this year and I needed it done before our trip to Antigua. I chose the Seamwork Reno and Dakota because I wanted to make a two piece this time and I definitely prefer a high waisted bottom. Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It came together fairly quickly. I worked on it after work for a little bit over 3 days. I opted to line the cups with poly laminate foam. I’m just not happy with the placement of the fabric checks. I must have made a mistake while cutting it out, and ended up with an uneven pattern on the top of the bottoms and the hem of the top. The pattern is so tiny. I really should have cut this out flat and not on a fold. Lesson learned! The fabric is really beautiful though. It’s an Italian made navy and white check from Hart’s Fabric. I also bought a lining from them as well. (Oh and please excuse my splotchy skin! I know better but didn’t reapply enough sunscreen on our first day and ended up with some sunburn.)


I think this is a good pattern to enter into the world of sewing swimwear. The bottoms were very quick and easy. I used version 2 but I would like to make a color blocked pair with version 1! I will admit I had a little bit of trouble with the instructions for the top (the drawings were a little confusing to me) but I used this sew along blog post as a guide and was able to work it out.


If you’re new to sewing swimwear, I recommend a walking foot for you machine. It’ll make it easier to manage the silky fabric. Also make sure you are using a stretch needle with a stretch or zig zag stitch. I recommend a twin needle for any top stitching. And it’s not necessary, but if you have the option of using a serger to finish edges, it’ll make it look more professional. Practice make perfect! Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out just right the first time. Like I said, there’s always a seam ripper.

And as promised, here’s my B6067! Have you made any swimwear before?



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Royal Wedding Sew Along (Simplicity 8591)


Ok… so this dress. I’m obsessed. I came across this fabric at an antique center on Friday and the Simplicity 8591 pattern immediately popped in my head because there’s a version for striped fabric. I’m pretty sure it’s a cotton sateen. It has a soft touch and has a bit of weight to it. The colors and pattern on it are so dreamy!


I realized I still had time to enter the Royal Wedding Sew Along Contest so this went straight to the top of my sewing to do list. I cut it out on Saturday night, spent maybe 4 hours on it on Sunday and did finishing touches on Monday. I can’t believe how quickly it came together. I thought for sure I’d be racing to finish it by the deadline.




Now for the pattern… The shape is lovely. I made a size 6, graded to an 8 in the waist. I’m very happy with the fit. The skirt is so full! It has a front panel and a side/back panel on each side. There’s a band that wraps around near the bottom as a decorative touch. This pattern is so fun for a striped fabric. I took extra care to make sure I cut everything out correctly and tried to pattern match the best I could.


I’m completely in love with how it turned out. I only wish I was really going to the Royal Wedding so I’d have somewhere to wear it!