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Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore


I just love my Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore! I made it out of this beautiful pink corduroy I bought at a local store and lined it with a pink poly blend I thrifted! This is View 2 which is a slimmer fit. I also have View 1 cut out which is an A-line style tent. This pinafore came together nicely. My edge foot on my machine got a lot of use with all of the top stitching! I cut out a size 6 but I definitely should have went with the 8. It fit as a 6 but it was a bit snug.  I was concerned about wearing it with heavier layers and also getting it on/ off! I ended up opening up the bust and lessened my seam allowance. Thankfully I hadn’t cut it off yet! I’ll have to do the same when I make up View 1. I’m a little pinafore obsessed at the moment. I have several styles cut out and plan on wearing them all the time this fall! This pattern is definitely a winner and bonus- it has pockets!



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Colette Phoebe


I’m so happy autumn is coming. It was so cool this past weekend and we decided to go apple picking! It’s one of my favorite fall activities (although I know technically summer is still here). I finished up this dress just in time to wear it out. It’s a great dress for layering! I wore it with a simple black top and some knee high socks. I definitely plan on wearing this with turtlenecks, as well. This was my first time making a Phoebe. I made version 2 and I decided to add some ruffles into the princess seams! I used a poly blend fabric I picked up at Joann’s in a burnt orange and cream houndstooth. It has a good weight to it and works nicely with this pattern. I’m really pleased with how this dress turned out. I took in the bodice a tiny bit but made no other adjustments. I would love to make version 1 with the buttons!


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Seamwork Leonora- scalloped version!


I am SO excited about this skirt! This is my second Seamwork Leonora and I made some changes to the pattern- a scalloped hem and a rounded tab. I bought a remnant of this rust corduroy from Finch Fabrics. This color is so perfect for fall. This pattern is great because you don’t need a lot of fabric, just about a yard! I was inspired to make these changes when I saw a similar skirt on Instagram. I didn’t check but I’m sure it was way out of my price range. One of the best things about making your own clothes is that you can recreate designer pieces for a fraction of the price!


As you can see, I opted for regular tortoise buttons instead of metal denim buttons like I did on my last. Those denim buttons were a nightmare on my last one. I can’t believe none of them have fallen off.

I planned on doing a tutorial on the scalloped hem but unfortunately I wasn’t as good as documenting the process as I thought. I pretty much recreated the process of the deer and Doe Chataigne shorts hem. I’ll do my best to explain what I did… I didn’t stitch the bottom of the front facing as it is instructed. I instead created a facing unit, finished one edge and attached it to the hem of the skirt. (Right sides together).  I made guidelines on the top and bottom of the facing and drew in scallops by tracing something round (my blush compact). I left 5/8” from the edge of the top front skirt to start my first scallop. and made sure the last scallop ended where the first one starts (5/8” plus width of front facing). This way when the skirt is on and closed, the scallops are continuous. I (slowly!) stitched along my lines, trimmed my seam allowances and turned the facing to the inside. Make sure you don’t stitch too high in between your scallops or they won’t turn right. I then folded the edges at the front facing and hand stitched it closed. I decided to top stitch along the edge of the scallops so I don’t have to worry about them turning at all.  I hope that all made sense!



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Sew Over It E-book




Today’s the day! Sew Over it released their new ebook and I was lucky enough to be able to pattern test two of the five patterns included! It’s all about patterns that you can wear to work and then out! I chose the Edie top- a great boat neck basic, in a medium weight cotton jersey and the Kate skirt made of six panels with a slit in each, in a wool crepe. (Twirls were necessary to show it off!)

I bought both of my fabrics on my recent trip to the garment district in NY. If you’ve never been, it’s quite overwhelming. I somehow managed to stay focused and find just what I was looking for. I found the green and white striped fabric first and was drawn to it. It’s a good weight and quality (I feel like this is hard to find for some reason). I wanted the pieces to coordinate and already had green in mind. I came across I pile of wool crepe bolts and thought it would work well! I love this deep green color I found. I’ve never sewn with it before but it had a nice drape and would be great for the upcoming season. (If it’s your first time sewing with wool crepe as well- all I can say is watch out for fraying! Serging/ finishing the edges is a must!)


The Edie top came together quickly and I had no issues. I might take in the side seams a little bit next time. It’s also offered as a dress and I definitely plan to make one. 


The skirt was quite easy as well. Six panels, a waistband and side zip. The panels stop at about 2/3 s of the way down and open up into slits. It’s a really great detail and makes a simple skirt a bit more interesting. 

I’m quite annoyed at myself for not reading through the instructions first. I had no clue there were slits until I sat down to start! I really needed a dark thread in my serger or coordinating hem tape but I didn’t have and I was on a time restraint. It’s noticeable when I walk and you can see the inside of the skirt. I plan on fixing this one day. 

The only issue I had with the skirt was the hem… it was time consuming. I hand stitched all the slits and bottoms but it’s recommended and I agreed with it. Hand stitching isn’t my favorite but I popped on a movie and just did it! 


As I said before, there are more patterns included in the ebook and lots of variations. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for patterns that you can wear from work or on a night out! 

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Sunflower field

5C4A4834-24DF-4FBB-A0DF-FE033784CD4DA local farm has a sunflower maze and I was happy to have a sunny day this weekend to visit. It was so beautiful to walk through the field with the sunflowers towering over our heads. I wore one of my favorite makes of the summer- my Rifle Paper co/ Seamwork Weston shorts. I’m at the point of the season when I’m over my current wardrobe and I’m itching to unpack my sweaters and wear layers. I’ve started my fall sewing but I’m impatient and want to wear what I’ve made! I still want to do a round up of my favorite makes this season so hopefully I can pull that together soon.



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Sew Over It Ultimate Culottes


I’ve been wanting a pair of culottes for a while now. They just look so easy and comfortable to wear. On my last Joann’s trip, my husband pointed out a nice brown linen and knew it would work for this pattern. I sewed these up in just a couple hours. Because of the linen, they are so breathable and perfect for this humid weather we’ve been having. I’m so proud of myself for making another solid, basic garment. I really will get so much wear out of these.


I made view A because I prefer a waistband but opted out of the belt loops. I took a little bit off the waist but no other alterations. I can see myself making another pair one day in rayon, and maybe a little shorter next time. How do you feel about the culottes trend?


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Sew Over It Rosie Dress


I made the Sew Over It Rosie dress over the weekend! This pattern has three views- a fitted bodice with wide straps and an optional collar, a slight sweetheart neckline with thin straps or a skirt. I made the first version with a contrasting white collar. The bodice has five panels and the skirt has a large pleat in the front surrounded by gathers. It’s so lovely! I also want to note that I opted out of the boning in the bodice. I remembered watching a video of Lisa Comfort and she said it wasn’t necessary.  I agree.


This dress sewed together wonderfully. I had no issues with pieces not fitting together or anything like that. I am so pleased with the construction of this dress and absolutely plan on making more.


Unfortunately I did not make a muslin and discovered too late that the bodice was huge! I was so disappointed. I ended up resetting the zipper in a bit and trimmed a little bit off a couple of the bodice panels. I couldn’t do much more because of the collar. I would have had to remove it and make it smaller to avoid it overlapping in the back. It’s still a little bit big at the top but it’s wearable now. I will definitely be altering the pattern next time.


The fabric is a beautiful lemon print cotton linen blend from Finch fabrics.