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My Sewing Room


Hello! It’s been a little while. I haven’t been sewing much for myself lately but I think that’s going to change soon. I’m feeling very inspired and ready to work on spring garments. I moved a few weeks ago and am loving my new sewing room. I am so excited to share it with you today.

In our old apartment, I shared my sewing space with my “closet” (a rolling rack and a dresser). Our new place has two closets in the bedroom and a large set of built in shelves where I can store all of my clothing and accessories. I do share the space with our laundry machine and cleaning supplies now but they are tucked away behind closet doors so I don’t mind. The room is a little smaller than my old one but since I am not sharing it with that extra furniture, it feels less cluttered.


It was very important to me to be able to walk around my work table to make it easier to use for cutting. I had a bad habit of cutting out on the floor and I really wanted to stop that. I cut out a project the other day and it made such a difference.


My favorite part of my new room is… my peg board! I’ve always been jealous of other sewists with their pegboards. They looked so organized and useful. Being a renter though, I was always nervous of hanging anything too big on the walls (and our old place it was nearly impossible with the type of walls we had). I had the idea of zip tying one to the open side of my table and it worked perfectly! I bought a peg board from ikea and it was the perfect size. It’s been so useful already and keeps my table more clear of clutter.


I set up my machines on the end of my table next to the wall. I intended to get another chair for the other side with my serger but so far I’ve had no problem just standing and using it. I can always move my chair if needed. I also bought this lovely Kate Spade lamp from Home Goods. I just love it! I may consider adding a floor lamp at some point.

I still have my fabric stored underneath my table in clear containers. I also have a basket in the corner where I store my rolls of pattern paper as well as patterns for the classes I teach.


I have my ironing board right by my sewing machine so it’s super convenient for pressing between seams. I didn’t want as big of a gallery wall as I had in our old place but I still hung up some special pieces above it.


The other wall has all of my carts. One for sewing notions, one for various crafting items and one for my patterns. I also bought this small bookshelf on amazon to store all of my sewing books. We didn’t have room in our living room and it really didn’t make sense for them to be downstairs anyway. On top of the carts, I have a bin for cut out projects and things for ironing. I bought this little spool holder from Joann’s. I am keeping my serger thread and extra thread colors in a container under my table. I also have my dress form over there. I used to have two but it seemed unnecessary and too cluttered so I just kept my petite form which is closest to my measurements.


And that’s it! I love this space. It feels so bright and inspiring. I also feel that the way I have everything set up makes a lot of sense. I may find a rug at some point but besides that I think it’s perfect! I feel so lucky and I can’t wait to create garments in this room.

Thanks for reading.

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Holiday dinner table


We take Christmas Eve very seriously over here. Growing up for me, Christmas Eve was just spent watching movies and going to church at night. But in Michaels family, Christmas Eve was when they celebrated. It worked out great because we spend eve with his family and day with mine. Since we moved into our apartment three years ago, we’ve been playing hosts. We spend the day preparing a big Italian meal, desserts and cleaning up. I’m always so stressed and trying to make the table look nice, too! (Something I really enjoy!) This year I decided to set it early so we could enjoy it longer and give us one less thing to worry about day of.


For the centerpiece, I bought these reindeer candle stick holders from Macy’s. How cute are they?! I also reused this old mason jar filled with vintage ornaments from the past few years. We picked some fresh holly from Michaels dads house and added some twinkle lights as well.


Each setting has gold charger plates and napkins from Target as well as china from Michaels childhood. Poppers are a big tradition for them too so I added one to each setting. I made the napkin rings with some wired leaves from the craft store.


We we had so many burlap table runners from our wedding that I pull out a fresh new one each year. I hot glued some ribbon from the craft store to edges.


Do you host for the holidays? Do you enjoy setting a dinner table?


Merry and Bright


I always love our apartment so much during the holidays. It feels so cozy and we are surrounded by so many treasures that we’ve collected together or from our childhoods. This ice skating rink is from Michael’s childhood but we had the exact same style one in my house! All these things make me smile. We have another tree and the kitchen/ dining table is all decorated too. I’ll be sure to post those next week!


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Halloween at Home

IMG_5167I wanted to share some peeks around our place while it’s decorated for Halloween. I can’t believe Halloween is in just a few days. I really feel like it snuck up on me this year! I didn’t even have time to plan a costume (although I have nowhere to wear one this year).

Michael’s mom had given me a lot of her decorations but I’ve picked up a few over the last couple years myself, mostly at thrift stores. We’ve found those two vintage pumpkin lamps (one works and one doesn’t), some candles from Target and I made that candy corn banner! It was one of those projects I kept putting off and finally just sat down and made it. I’m so happy I did. I found it in a book called Felt-o-ween when I was roaming around the library. It’s feeling cozy in here and I know I’ll be decorating for Christmas before I know it.


I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures of how I decorated my pumpkins!


Shirt: Oui Fresh | Cardigan: Old Navy | Jeans: Madewell | Beret: Amazon