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Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore


I just love my Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore! I made it out of this beautiful pink corduroy I bought at a local store and lined it with a pink poly blend I thrifted! This is View 2 which is a slimmer fit. I also have View 1 cut out which is an A-line style tent. This pinafore came together nicely. My edge foot on my machine got a lot of use with all of the top stitching! I cut out a size 6 but I definitely should have went with the 8. It fit as a 6 but it was a bit snug.  I was concerned about wearing it with heavier layers and also getting it on/ off! I ended up opening up the bust and lessened my seam allowance. Thankfully I hadn’t cut it off yet! I’ll have to do the same when I make up View 1. I’m a little pinafore obsessed at the moment. I have several styles cut out and plan on wearing them all the time this fall! This pattern is definitely a winner and bonus- it has pockets!



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