Madalynne X Simplicity 8228 High Waisted Panty




Over the weekend I sewed a pair of matching underwear to the Simplicity 8624 bra I made  at the last bra making workshop I attended with Madalynne. I used the 8228 high waisted panty  pattern with this DIY kit from Madalynne! I picked up some DIY kits (OK, four of them) when I was at Maddie’s studio. They are so great because they have all the fabrics, trims and hardware you need (in a pretty and reusable box!) for your project. Lingerie supplies can be difficult to find and this means you can spend more time sewing and less time searching for the correct elastic or stretch mesh.  

I made this panty in less than two hours. I’m all about quick and easy projects these days and this definitely is one! Cutting out was super fast since there’s so few pieces and they are so small. My advice is to use a rotary cutter and when cutting your lace, be sure you are lining up the finished edge with the correct side of the pattern. (It’s the long edge without notches on the side front and side back pattern pieces) You also want to make sure that your lace panels are mirrored. I cut one out and flipped it onto the opposite edge of the lace. Since you can see through the lace, it’s easy to line up the design. Then I laid the pattern over it and cut out my second piece.

I definitely recommend using a walking foot and go slow! My elastic ran away from me a couple times but it was easy to bring it back to where it was supposed to be. And speaking of elastic, you’ll want to make sure the scalloped edge of your picot elastic is on the outside when you are finished so you can see that pretty detail. You’ll do this by lining up the flat edge against your raw edge of fabric and then when you flip it to the inside for the second pass of stitching, the scallops will show. My last piece of advice is to cut the elastic an inch or so longer than the guide so you have extra just in case. I somehow ended up a tiny bit short and had to redo a leg opening!

I hope you aren’t tired of seeing my lingerie projects- there’s definitely a lot more coming! I also hope I inspired some of you to try it out for yourself! Madalynne’s DIY kits are such great way to get started sewing your own lingerie.