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Seamwork Audrey Denim Jacket



Here’s my Seamwork Audrey denim jacket! I wasn’t sure about making this pattern at first because I already have a RTW denim jacket. I really loved this gold Cone Mills denim, though so I thought that would be a fun addition to my wardrobe. Here I’m wearing it with a Seamwork Hazel dress I made last year.


This is a good pattern but I have to say I hated the instructions. They bounced around so much! For example, in one of the first steps I’m making the sleeve cuffs but it doesn’t say to attach them to the sleeves until one of the final steps! I definitely would suggest reading the instructions all the way through and maybe rearranging them. I also found it easier to stitch several seams before switching out to top stitching thread and doing a bunch of top stitching at once. The instructions have you constantly switching it out after each step and that’s not necessary. I think it sped up my process significantly.


And those welt pockets! It was my first time sewing them. I seriously considered just leaving them out after reading the instructions. I started to just go for it and I figured it out. Or I think I did, anyway! They look less than perfect but they are functional pockets so I’m happy. I definitely need some practice with those.


As far as fit, I think it’s good. I removed about an inch from the sleeve length so I think that’s perfect.  I also removed maybe 1/2” or an inch from the length but if I were to make this again I’d probably make it a little more cropped.

I’m very excited to wear this jacket this spring. It will add such a fun pop of color to my outfits. I also kind of can’t believe I made this! I’m really pleased with the end result.



Seamwork Astoria


Hello! I just wanted to pop on here to share my first make of 2018- my second Seamwork Astoria in this gorgeous Cotton and Steel jersey knit. I loved the pattern and colors in this fabric. Whenever I find a knit with a print I love, I just have to buy some. I also purchased another Cotton and Steel knit that is white with black stars. I have two yards and haven’t decided what to use it for yet. Suggestions welcome!

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I still love this pattern but I made this one a couple inches longer to make it wearable with my jeans. The first one I made has to be worn with my high waisted skirts or it’s too revealing. It’s been so cold lately that it’s made taking pictures outside nearly impossible. I’ll hopefully get some better pictures of this soon. I have something else I want to pair this top it with! (I just have to make it first…)