Bra Making with Madalynne


I attended my second Bra Making with Madalynne workshop yesterday and it was such a treat! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw I made a bralette at her workshop last month. This time was an underwire bra. I can’t recommend one of her workshops enough. If you have any interest in sewing lingerie and can get to Philadelphia, you should definitely go! Madalynne adds so many special touches to the day, from a beautiful Pinterest worthy lunch to a little goody bag to take home AND you leave with a beautiful bra you made! I’m a homebody and an introvert so driving an hour and half to sew something I’ve never made before with ladies I have never met was definitely a bit scary for me. I felt so comfortable, though. She walks you through every step and there is no emphasis on perfection. I’m kind of obsessed now. I went home with four of her DIY lingerie kits! I have no self control when it comes to pretty fabrics.

The bra. This time we made Simplicity 8624 in navy lace. It has a high neckline, a slit in the middle and underwire. I can’t get over that I made this. Usually when I make something, I see all of the little flaws in it but honestly, I just see a beautiful bra when I look at it. I made plenty of silly mistakes along the way (sewing the neckline twisted, sewing a strap on backwards, etc) but in the end it turned out perfectly. I bought the kit to make some matching underwear, too!



I wasn’t really sure how to wear this. I mean, sure I can just wear it normally under a sweater or top but it’s so beautiful I thought it would be fun to show it off a little. I realized it’s a perfect match for my Seamwork Elmira wrap top that I made last year! I put together this holiday look with a gold RTW skirt.

Have you ever made lingerie before?


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Seamwork Camden


I spent the weekend up in Massachusetts! I stayed in Rockport and visited Salem. It’s always so fun heading up there for Halloween. It definitely felt like fall up there- I was freezing! I was so glad I packed this cape I made last year. It was my first attempt at outerwear and I’m still really pleased with how it turned out. I just need to restitch the lining in a few places. I think I was a little too excited to finish it and my hand stitching came undone in a couple spots. I’m thinking about making a winter coat soon. I think it would be a great challenge. Have you made outerwear?



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Colette Phoebe


I’m so happy autumn is coming. It was so cool this past weekend and we decided to go apple picking! It’s one of my favorite fall activities (although I know technically summer is still here). I finished up this dress just in time to wear it out. It’s a great dress for layering! I wore it with a simple black top and some knee high socks. I definitely plan on wearing this with turtlenecks, as well. This was my first time making a Phoebe. I made version 2 and I decided to add some ruffles into the princess seams! I used a poly blend fabric I picked up at Joann’s in a burnt orange and cream houndstooth. It has a good weight to it and works nicely with this pattern. I’m really pleased with how this dress turned out. I took in the bodice a tiny bit but made no other adjustments. I would love to make version 1 with the buttons!


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Sunflower field

5C4A4834-24DF-4FBB-A0DF-FE033784CD4DA local farm has a sunflower maze and I was happy to have a sunny day this weekend to visit. It was so beautiful to walk through the field with the sunflowers towering over our heads. I wore one of my favorite makes of the summer- my Rifle Paper co/ Seamwork Weston shorts. I’m at the point of the season when I’m over my current wardrobe and I’m itching to unpack my sweaters and wear layers. I’ve started my fall sewing but I’m impatient and want to wear what I’ve made! I still want to do a round up of my favorite makes this season so hopefully I can pull that together soon.



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Seamwork Leonora Skirt


I’m so glad I finally decided to make this skirt! I kept looking at RTW versions of a denim button down skirt in the store but I kept thinking back to this pattern. I really liked the idea of white version. I knew it would go with so many things in my closet. I plan on making a blue denim one too sometime this summer.


The skirt was pretty easy to make! I didn’t run into any issues until I was doing the buttons and button holes. My machine likes to malfunction when I want to make buttonholes on thicker fabric. I ended up doing most of them manually on the machine. Then, I had trouble installing the denim buttons. I bought the ones made by Dritz at Joann’s and do not recommend them. The pins kept bending when I hammered them. I managed to get these buttons attached but I’m not convinced they are going to last. I plan on replacing them with another brand sometime soon.


Overall, I’m happy with this skirt and am excited to wear it a lot this summer! 


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Shorts Part 3 (Deer and Doe Goji)


This is the last post in my shorts series! These Deer and Doe shorts are so comfy. I know I’m going to wear them a lot in the summer heat.


Pattern: Deer and Doe Goji Shorts I made the shorts with paperbag waist. There is also a skirt and simple waist band.

Were they easy to make? Yes!

Pattern Adjustments? I made no adjustments.

Fit? I made the smallest size. They fit but I think they are slightly big.

Fabric choice? I used a light blue linen blend from Jo Anns. I chose a blend so they won’t wrinkle as easily as just linen

Anything to watch out for? Nope! The waistband was the most time consuming part, though.

Would you make it again? Yes! I would love to make the skirt.




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Simplicity 1325


Can you tell I’m ready for Valentines Day?! Today I’m sharing this jumper that I made. I found a cut of this red corduroy as I was passing by the remnant table at my local fabric store. I knew immediately it needed to be a skirt or jumper. When I was browsing the Simplicity website on a Black Friday, I found this pattern in the sale section for only $5. I had planned on making this for Christmas and even had all the pieces cut out. I never found the time though and just sewed this together last week!

The top is lined and features a deep V. The skirt is a circle skirt cut on the bias so it flares out nicely. The pattern includes pockets but I didn’t have enough fabric and I didn’t think it needed them. I also switched the zipper to an invisible one instead of a lapped. The pattern included a longer version of this (I added a couple inches to the tunic version), a top, a jacket and a pair of pants as well. I haven’t decided if I’ll try any of the other patterns included but I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth!


I am very happy with how this turned out! Sometimes a pattern just works, you know? Everything lined up and stitched nicely. I think the fit is great, too! I recently bought a new petite dress form and I definitely think that helped. My old one was just too big for my measurements. I put it on my dress form several times throughout my sewing to make sure everything was going to fit.

FB37EB5B-6AB7-4231-AFF7-38FF4DACD6C0 95DBFAE2-732F-432D-A5F4-C0190E0A89F5

I’m wearing a pin I made from a vintage valentine and some printable Shrinky Dink paper. I have two different designs and I just love them! I made them a few years ago and I always wear them throughout February. I am so glad January is over and I am looking forward to spring now. Here’s hoping that groundhog doesn’t see his shadow 😉


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2018 Sewing Plans & Style Changes


Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Maison Jules | Jeans and scarf: Madewell

About six months ago, I could sense a need for a style change in my wardrobe. I was staring at a closet full of clothes daily that didn’t suit my lifestyle and that I didn’t feel good in. I had a rack of vintage and vintage style dresses that weren’t practical for everyday life. I often felt overdressed and a bit silly as well as frustrated trying to get ready for the day. I have a job that is physical and requires lots of lifting and going up ladders. After work, I would run errands and go on walks with my husband only to retire to the couch for the evening before bed. The only time I could really wear 70% of my wardrobe was maybe on the weekend or if I felt like getting dolled up for a walk.  Lately I find myself embracing pieces that make sense for me and my life. I did a big closet  purge and still have a ways to go before I’m totally happy with my wardrobe but I’m on my way. Now, don’t get me wrong- I still LOVE my fifties dresses but I’m keeping my collection down to an amount I’ll actually wear to make room for everyday pieces.

This change has made me look at my sewing differently as well. I’ve been trying to plan out some clothes I want to make this year and I’m thinking beyond just vintage style dresses for spring and summer. I’m looking at my wardrobe as a whole and trying to fill in the missing pieces. For instance, I find myself constantly reaching for jeans to wear with my blouses but I keep thinking that a solid color skirt would be a nice option. I’m also keeping in mind colors so that it’s easy to mix things up. I thought I would share some of the patterns I’ve had my eye on recently. If you’ve made any of these, please let me know!

Seamwork Leonora

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.11.39 PM

As I said, a good basic skirt would be so useful for me. I’ve been wanting a button front skirt like this and denim would go with everything! I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while and I think I will be making it soon.

Nina Lee Bloomsbury Blouse

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.15.19 PM

How cute is this blouse? I adore the ruffles and it even has buttons down the back. It’d be a nice comfortable piece in a lightweight cotton for spring and summer. I love it in gingham. I would definitely pair it with jeans, skirts or shorts!

Simplicity 8454 Ruffled Blouse


Another blouse that I think would be very wearable. I could definitely see myself wearing this at work, especially the short sleeve B version.

Named Reeta Shirt Dress

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.20.01 PM

This dress looks so easy to wear. I think I would feel comfortable and put together in this in the warmer months.

Pauline Alice Lliria Dress

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.24.05 PM

This dress! It has a vintage charm to it and the closure is so beautiful. Everything I have picked so far has buttons. I guess I’ll be getting a lot of practice making buttonholes.


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.29.52 PM

I don’t know if this is the pattern I would use but I have been wanting a pair of culottes since the summer! I’m not sure how they would look on me. I may want to try a pair on before committing to make some.

That’s all I have for now. I have some knits I already purchased so I’ll need to plan out some way to use those. What are you planning on sewing this year?

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Seamwork Elmira


I made this Seamwork Elmira out of grey stretch velvet. It feels so festive and perfect for this time of year. We were supposed to go ice skating this day and I felt like this was something an ice skater would wear, haha. It was my first time sewing with stretch velvet. It wasn’t too bad but once I finished I realized I should have put my walking foot on my machine! It would have made it even easier. This pattern was pretty easy to follow, too. I definitely want to make this in a lighter knit for spring!






First snow of the year on Saturday and I was so excited. I’m not a big fan of winter but it definitely feels magical when it snows. I took these photos on Sunday before it started to melt. I was having one of those “I hate everything I own” mornings until I remembered this Mischief Made cardigan I had just bought. And then it somehow got paired with a metallic skirt for running errands. A little overdressed but that’s ok. Anyway, back to the cardigan. I am obsessed with vintage deer (and really- non vintage deer too). When I saw this new design I knew I had to have it. If you’re into pinup/ vintage designs printed on tees and sweaters, you must check out this shop. I own 3 tee shirts as well and am always so impressed with the quality, design and speediness of the shipping.


I also need to mention this bag. I have been wanting a Cambridge Satchel Company bag for so many years and I have wanted this specific cloud bag for at least two. I have never owned a really nice purse (most of mine are vintage or from Target) It’s one of those things I felt like I should own. I finally splurged a little and treated myself to this. It’s so beautifully made and I know I will have it for many years.


Cardigan: Mischief Made | Collared top: Forever 21 (old) | Skirt: Ann Taylor |

Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company