Hi again! I have not been great about blogging this past year, have I? I’m here to share my visit to the tulip fields. I wore 3 new me made items on this day! I wore a Seamwork Audrey denim jacket in Cone Mills stretch denim from Melanated fabrics. I also wore a Nina Lee Kew dress in Rifle Paper Co Strawberry Fields rayon and a new headband style that I have listed in my Etsy shop.

I have made a Seamwork Audrey jacket once before. It was made with gold Cone Mills denim and you can read about it here. This jacket was giving me all sorts of problems this time around from accidentally sewing the welt pocket lining on upside down and spilling fray check on it. But- it’s done! And I’m very happy with it. This time I shortened the length of the body and the arms by one inch. I’ve needed a blue denim jacket in my wardrobe again. This is going to get worn a lot.

The Nina Lee Kew dress is a pattern I’ve had for a while now but never got around to making. I was wondering what I should wear to the tulip fields and kept thinking about this rayon I had in my stash. This was a spontaneous make. I didn’t have enough fabric for the facings so I picked up some white rayon from work and lined the bodice with it. I also used some vintage buttons I had on hand. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. The only fit adjustment I made was lowering the bust darts a bit. I started to make a wearable muslin out of some vintage floral poly. I love this dress so much, I’ll have to get around to finishing that one. I also would love to make the skirt version. I have some linen in my stash I think would be perfect.

I visited these tulip fields two years ago. It was such a nice experience. I was so disappointed when they were not able to open last year due to Co-vid restrictions. It was much busier this year (at opening!) and was not a fan of the large crowds. We quickly snapped some pics, picked a few tulips and left. Next year I will plan to visit on a weekday so I can hopefully enjoy it more.


Nina Lee Bakerloo Blouse


Hello! I didn’t mean to go so long without posting again! I haven’t been doing too much sewing for myself these days but I’m hoping to change that soon. Whenever I had some time to sew, I felt so indecisive about my choices and would end up not making anything. Last week, I saw a Nina Lee Bakerloo blouse (I_seam_sew_happy_xx leopard one to be exact!) and I felt so inspired. Before I knew it I was taping together a Pdf pattern and digging through my fabric stash. I haven’t been so excited about a make probably since my last post in August.

The Bakerloo blouse has an amazing large collar with ruffle trim. I made the long sleeve blouse but there’s also a short sleeve and a dress version. It’s no secret that I love collars and ruffles!

For fabric, I used a Rifle Paper Co rayon from the new Strawberry Fields collection. It’s absolutely beautiful. I loved it so much, I also purchased it in the white color way. It also comes with a blush background. I thought I was going to make a simple dress with it but I find myself wearing jeans more and more lately so a blouse will get plenty of wear.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric. I always forget how narrow the Rifle Paper Co rayons are (44”) and I should always order more than I think I’ll need. The pattern piece for the sleeves is quite big and I definitely wanted long sleeves. I had to shorten the pattern in length and width to make it fit on my fabric. I think it worked fine, although I do wish they were an inch longer. I also omitted the sleeve facing which would have helped. My collar ruffle was also a little short so it’s not as ruffled as it should be.

Despite these things, I absolutely love this blouse. I love it in rayon. I like how it softens the look of the large collar. I’d like to make another one day in a solid white. It was so nice to feel inspired again! Hopefully I am back soon with another make.

Outfit · Sewing



Hello! I didn’t mean to go so long without a post. I’ve been busy sewing but it’s hard to photograph spring/ summer clothes with a foot of snow outside. It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like spring so I headed outside yesterday. I made this Nina Lee Bloomsbury blouse and was happy to finally wear it! I must have made this at least a month ago but I remember it coming together easily.


I bought the pdf file and printed it at home. I opted for the thicker ruffle and decided to forgo the neck and sleeve ruffle. I had an old kit to do fabric covered buttons and I’m so glad I used it! I was one short so I used an old blue covered button I had in my stash for the top closure. The fabric is Cotton and Steel X Rifle Paper Co and it’s so pretty! I knew I had to use it for this blouse when I spotted it at a local fabric shop.


I made the smallest size and am happy with the fit. I’m just not thrilled about the gaping hole in the upper back. You can see it above. I might add another button or some kind of closure there. I hope to make this again! I saw a sleeveless version and a dress version online so I’m thinking maybe a sleeveless dress for summer?! This was my first Nina Lee pattern and I’m sure I’ll be getting another. Perhaps the Kew dress that’s so popular!