Colette Walden Cooper Bag


Today is Michael’s 30th birthday! He needed a new messenger bag and when he saw this pattern he wanted me to make him one. So we went to the fabric store, he picked everything out and I went to work! I worked on this a little bit each night for a week. I haven’t sewn with canvas or made a bag before but I was very happy with how this turned out!


Sewing clips were a must for this project since the canvas is so thick. I also used a large denim needle on my machine and denim thread for my topstitching because of this.



He’s loves it and I’m so glad! 30 is a milestone and I wanted to make it an extra special day/weekend for him.  I also baked a cake for the occasion (Chocolate Heaven from the Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook) and put some decorations up for a little family get together last night!