Papercut Patterns Kyoto Tee

I almost forgot to share this tee! I think you know by now that I love a good ruffle so I immediately added this pattern to my list when I discovered it last year. It’s the Kyoto tee/ sweater by Papercut Patterns. There’s a short sleeve version and a sweater version with long sleeves, hem band and cuffs. I had initially planned to make the long sleeve version because it was more practical for winter. I came across this knit at Joann’s though and couldn’t help sewing a springy tee! This knit is soft, lightweight and has such a pretty floral print on it.

I made this in less than two hours so it was a speedy make. I had no issues with the construction and was really pleased with how this turned out. I absolutely need to make more of these in solid colors! I can see myself wearing this all the time. I really need more tops in my wardrobe that I can wear with jeans. I suppose I should try to make a long sleeve version in the near future so I can actually wear it now! I bought a couple Papercut patterns during their Black Friday sale last year and if you follow me on Instagram then you already know I’ve made the other. I have another blog post planned for next week with it!


Closet Case Carolyn PJs


My first make of 2019 and one of my Make Nine! I’ve had this pattern on my to-sew list for the past year. There were always too many other things to sew in the spring, summer and fall, though. I knew it would be a great project in the winter after the holidays so I made a note of it and kept my eyes open for fabric. This pattern requires 5 yards of fabric so I was a little worried how I was going to afford that plus all the trims- they were going to be my most expensive pair of jammies!  Luckily last month I was at Joann’s and spotted a display of flannel for less than $3 a yard. I knew this was my chance! There were foxes on one and I was sold. The fabric pilled in the wash but I wasn’t expecting the best quality given the price. It would do for my first shot at this pattern.


When I mentioned I was making this pattern, a few people said they would never want to spend all that time on something no one would see and they would sleep in. I had those thoughts too but honestly (this time of year especially) I spend most of my time in pajamas so it only makes sense to make a pair!

It was my first time sewing piping. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time so this was another reason I chose this pattern. After sewing this, I can definitely say I need some practice with it. I bought a piping foot for my machine and I think it helped but it’s still a bit uneven in spots. It’s funny because I was most nervous about sewing the curves in the collar and that part looks the best! I opted out of the piping and sleeve cuffs. I accidentally cut the long length of View A and at this point I was over sewing piping so I left them long and hemmed the edge.

The instructions and the pattern itself is wonderful.  The only note I’ll make is that I didn’t see anything about finishing the shoulder seams so mine are unfinished. I’m not sure if I totally missed something or messed something up so I’ll have to remember that for next time.

As far as fit, I made the smallest size and I’m pretty happy with it. Next time I would make the rise in the pants a little higher. I have a long torso and tend to need a higher rise in pants. I’d also shorten the pants and the sleeves maybe an inch. I’m 5′ 2″ for reference.

I would absolutely make this pattern again- possibly in a fun cotton for the summer or maybe I’ll make a top in rayon to wear with jeans! This pair might not be perfect but they are so cozy and I will be wearing them a lot this winter!


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Fox pinafore



Happy October! The best month of the year. I’m so thrilled to share this make with you today. I really wanted this fox pinafore from ModCloth but I couldn’t justify spending that much money on something I wouldn’t wear a lot. As much as I love fox themed clothing, it’s a bit much to wear something like this frequently. I decided I would be able to make something like it pretty easily. I ordered some plain cotton from Joann’s and luckily the color match was pretty spot on. I made a simple self drafted gathered skirt with a zip in the back. To make the top, I sewed two long strips for straps  and some triangles as ears. I made two rectangles as the bib, and enclosed the ears and straps in the top seam. Once that was turned out, I stitched up the bottom edge. I made the white part by sewing together two rectangles again and curving the top edge. I stitched that on to the orange and embroidered some eyes and a nose on. I added buttonholes to the ends to the straps and bottom edge of the bib and added buttons into the waistband so I can remove it! This makes it much more wearable if I just want the skirt. I am thinking about making just two straps so I can wear it another way.  This turned out so much better than I thought and my total cost was only $25 compared to Modcloths $70! It was one of the rare times it was actually cheaper to make something than purchase it.


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Tilly and the Buttons Cleo


I’ve had this Cleo pattern in my stash all summer and finally made one! This pattern seems to be a favorite among the sewing community and I can definitely see why. I’m a big fan of dresses this style as I already have 2 RTW ones in my wardrobe. It was an easy and fairly quick make. I made mine out of a medium to heavy weight navy blue corduroy. I knew this would be a good basic. I made the shorter version and I only used one pocket in the front.

I paired it with a newly made Freya top from her book Stretch. How cute is this fabric from Joann’s with the little foxes?! I’m a little disappointed because the description said heather grey but when the fabric arrived it was definitely a light blueish green.

I am positive I will be making more Cleo’s.  Have you made this pattern?


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Colette Phoebe


I’m so happy autumn is coming. It was so cool this past weekend and we decided to go apple picking! It’s one of my favorite fall activities (although I know technically summer is still here). I finished up this dress just in time to wear it out. It’s a great dress for layering! I wore it with a simple black top and some knee high socks. I definitely plan on wearing this with turtlenecks, as well. This was my first time making a Phoebe. I made version 2 and I decided to add some ruffles into the princess seams! I used a poly blend fabric I picked up at Joann’s in a burnt orange and cream houndstooth. It has a good weight to it and works nicely with this pattern. I’m really pleased with how this dress turned out. I took in the bodice a tiny bit but made no other adjustments. I would love to make version 1 with the buttons!


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Sew Over It Ultimate Culottes


I’ve been wanting a pair of culottes for a while now. They just look so easy and comfortable to wear. On my last Joann’s trip, my husband pointed out a nice brown linen and knew it would work for this pattern. I sewed these up in just a couple hours. Because of the linen, they are so breathable and perfect for this humid weather we’ve been having. I’m so proud of myself for making another solid, basic garment. I really will get so much wear out of these.


I made view A because I prefer a waistband but opted out of the belt loops. I took a little bit off the waist but no other alterations. I can see myself making another pair one day in rayon, and maybe a little shorter next time. How do you feel about the culottes trend?



Colette Penny



I made the Colette Penny dress over the past week and am so thrilled with this pattern! Penny is a shirtdress with two different styles- shortsleeved with a waistband and gathered skirt or sleeveless with a semi- circle skirt and waist belt. I made the latter.

The fabric I used is a cotton navy and white gingham I picked up at Jo Ann’s. I knew I wanted a dress for summer in this fabric but wasn’t sure what pattern to use when I bought it. It was the end of the bolt and the associate offered me another yard for half price. I’m so glad I decided to get it because I realized months later I had enough for this dress. The buttons I used I found in a Joanns clearance bin last month. I had no idea what I was going to use them for but I liked them. It was meant to be! They are the same gingham as the fabric and have a line of sparkle in them.


This was my last printed pattern of the three I won from Patternsy. It was a good choice because this pattern has a lot of pieces! I definitely do not recommend printing this one at home. I admit that I was putting this project off for quicker makes. I knew this was going to take some time and be more involved than anything else I’ve made in a while. The pattern sewed up very nicely, despite how many steps there were! The only issue I had was somehow my collar stand was too long for the neckline and I had to restitch. It’s less than perfect but it’s okay. I didn’t make any adjustments to the fit and I am happy with it.


This is a wonderful dress for summer and I think I can make it work into the cooler months with a cardigan. I’d love to make the other version but I’m sure it won’t be until next year. I highly recommend this pattern- just be sure to give yourself plenty of time!


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Mirambell Skirt


I made the Pauline Alice Mirambell Skirt over the weekend.  I’m very happy with the skirt and I know it’s going to get a lot of wear. I said I wanted to sew more basics and a denim skirt is a wardrobe staple! I was so frustrated making this skirt because I thought so many instructions were missing. Turns out I had it open on my computer so I could only see half of them. Such a silly mistake! It was a good test, though. Turns out I did everything correctly!


As far as the actual pattern, the only issue I had was that the waistband was at least 3 inches too short. I thought maybe I made a cutting error or made my pleats too large, but I really don’t see how I cut both waistband pieces separately wrong. Plus, all of the other pieces matched up with how I did my pleats. I had already interfaced, stitched and topstiched my waistband so the last thing I felt like doing was cutting a new waistband and starting over. I just added a little scrap to each end. It’s a little weird but I don’t think it’s really noticeable and it’s even on both sides so I’m just calling it part of the design.


I definitely recommend using an edge foot on your machine for a good portion of this skirt. I did a lot of topstiching and it made it so easy. I topstiched the top of the waistband and the edge of pockets even though it wasn’t instructed for a really clean finish. The pleats all need to be topstiched for this skirt as well as the bottom edge of the pocket facings.


The verdict: I’m very happy with this skirt. The fit is nice and I like the style. I just need to add a hook and eye to the top of the zipper because I noticed it is splitting at the top in these photos. If I make another one I’ll have to pay more attention to the length of the waistband and see what my mistake was!

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Seamwork Leonora Skirt


I’m so glad I finally decided to make this skirt! I kept looking at RTW versions of a denim button down skirt in the store but I kept thinking back to this pattern. I really liked the idea of white version. I knew it would go with so many things in my closet. I plan on making a blue denim one too sometime this summer.


The skirt was pretty easy to make! I didn’t run into any issues until I was doing the buttons and button holes. My machine likes to malfunction when I want to make buttonholes on thicker fabric. I ended up doing most of them manually on the machine. Then, I had trouble installing the denim buttons. I bought the ones made by Dritz at Joann’s and do not recommend them. The pins kept bending when I hammered them. I managed to get these buttons attached but I’m not convinced they are going to last. I plan on replacing them with another brand sometime soon.


Overall, I’m happy with this skirt and am excited to wear it a lot this summer! 


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Shorts Part 3 (Deer and Doe Goji)


This is the last post in my shorts series! These Deer and Doe shorts are so comfy. I know I’m going to wear them a lot in the summer heat.


Pattern: Deer and Doe Goji Shorts I made the shorts with paperbag waist. There is also a skirt and simple waist band.

Were they easy to make? Yes!

Pattern Adjustments? I made no adjustments.

Fit? I made the smallest size. They fit but I think they are slightly big.

Fabric choice? I used a light blue linen blend from Jo Anns. I chose a blend so they won’t wrinkle as easily as just linen

Anything to watch out for? Nope! The waistband was the most time consuming part, though.

Would you make it again? Yes! I would love to make the skirt.