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Poetic Memory Etsy Shop Reopening!

Poetic Memory Etsy Shop!


I’ve been busy the past month and a half! If you’ve been following me a long time, you may remember that I used to have an Etsy shop and sell at craft shows. I stopped when I was planning our wedding and 4 years later I hadn’t started again! It was something I would always talk about and felt important to me to start again. Well, I applied to be in a craft show and when I was accepted, I couldn’t make anymore excuses. The show was so successful and I finally got my Etsy shop back up and running over this weekend. It’s full of felt pins, donut pattern weights, covered tape measures and zippered pouches. I’ll keep adding to it! I hope you’ll give it a look. I poured my heart into these items and I am so excited to share them!