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Rifle Paper Co Fabric

It’s no secret that I love Rifle Paper Co! I can’t get enough. I received an email a few days ago about the new fabric collection and I’ve been trying to decide what to get ever since! I have a rayon and a cotton from previous collections that I just adore. It’s on preorder right now and will be shipping in early April. The collection includes cotton, cotton lawn, canvas and rayon. It ranges from $11- $18 a yard. I picked my favorites but you can view the full collection here.

Clockwise from top left: Herb Garden (Natural) Canvas, Explorer (Hunter) Cotton, Waves (Coral) Cotton, Lively Floral (Mint) Rayon, Happy Stripe (Cream) Cotton Lawn, and Herb Garden (Mint) Cotton.

I can picture so many happy spring/ summer clothes in these fabrics. What do you think? Will you be ordering any of the Rifle Paper Co fabric?

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Sewing Pouches


The only other gifts I made this year were these two clear zippered pouches for a couple friends.  I used the pattern and tutorial from the Stitched Sewing Organizer book by Aneela Hoey. There are so many cute projects in this book and they make great gifts! These pouches are meant for sewing supplies but they can really be used for anything. They came together so quickly! I made both of them after work one night which is amazing because I have a hard time even starting a project- let alone finishing two, after a long day. I used scrap fabric I had at home. The yellow is store bought bias tape and the other is homemade. The vinyl was pretty easy to sew. I made sure to use a thick needle and used clips to hold everything together. I made them a little extra special by filling them with a few smaller gifts, too.



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Holiday dinner table


We take Christmas Eve very seriously over here. Growing up for me, Christmas Eve was just spent watching movies and going to church at night. But in Michaels family, Christmas Eve was when they celebrated. It worked out great because we spend eve with his family and day with mine. Since we moved into our apartment three years ago, we’ve been playing hosts. We spend the day preparing a big Italian meal, desserts and cleaning up. I’m always so stressed and trying to make the table look nice, too! (Something I really enjoy!) This year I decided to set it early so we could enjoy it longer and give us one less thing to worry about day of.


For the centerpiece, I bought these reindeer candle stick holders from Macy’s. How cute are they?! I also reused this old mason jar filled with vintage ornaments from the past few years. We picked some fresh holly from Michaels dads house and added some twinkle lights as well.


Each setting has gold charger plates and napkins from Target as well as china from Michaels childhood. Poppers are a big tradition for them too so I added one to each setting. I made the napkin rings with some wired leaves from the craft store.


We we had so many burlap table runners from our wedding that I pull out a fresh new one each year. I hot glued some ribbon from the craft store to edges.


Do you host for the holidays? Do you enjoy setting a dinner table?


Decorated pumpkins!




I’ve never been big on carving pumpkins. I’ve done it a few times but it’s messy and a squirrel usually ends up eating it. I’d rather take out some acrylic paints and paint mine. I had bought two pumpkins but someone unfortunately stole one of them off our steps so I only had one large and three minis to decorate. One of my best friends came over on Saturday and we decorated as we made fun of horror movies. It made for a fun afternoon.


I hopped on Pinterest for some inspiration. I saw this tutorial and decided to make a galaxy pumpkin. I painted the whole pumpkin black and the stem gold. I then sponged on pink, purple, blue and gold paint. Lastly, I painted on some stars.


For the party pumpkins, I saw this tutorial and needed to make them! How cute are they? I painted each mini pumpkin a sold color, drew on a face and made a little party hat from construction paper. I added some gold washi tape to them as well. How did you decorate your pumpkins this year?


Pumpkin Animal Plaques DIY


I saw this DIY in the October issue of Country Living and knew immediately I needed to make these! The only taxidermy I’ll allow in our house! These animals were very easy and fun to make. I made a few changes to mine and I’m so happy with how they turned out! Plus, I decided to use faux pumpkins and leaves instead of real so I can enjoy these for many years.


Supplies (all can be found at craft store):

  • Wood round(s)
  • Acrylic Paint and Brushes
  • Faux Pumpkins and leaves
  • Glue gun
  • Hardware to hang (optional)


Step one: paint wood round solid color. I added a gold rim on one and gold polka dots on the other. I also decided to add these cute wooden leaves around the rim which I secured with some hot glue.


Step two: Remove stem from large pumpkin. For fox, paint one half of pumpkin white. Paint eyes and mouth. Glue to wood with leaves as ears. For bear, glue small wood round to center of pumpkin. Paint eyes and mouth. Glue large pumpkin to center of wood round with small pumpkins as ears.

Step three: Attach hardware to back of wood round if you would like to hang it!


Do you plan on making these? Please let me know if you do!