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Restyling Exchange Reveal!


I’m so excited to finally share this! My friend Jess asked me to be her partner for the #restylingexchange2019. I’ve never done anything like this but I was up to the challenge. Basically, we sent each other garments from our wardrobes that we didn’t wear anymore and restyled them into something new for each other. I sent her a 3/4 sleeve Liberty print top from Jcrew that I thrifted. I loved the fabric but I wasn’t crazy about the style. She made it into tank maxi dress. I’m so blown away by it. It’s seriously a work of art. It looks like something you’d see in Anthropologie. Jess used another fabric as a bias binding on the top/ tie straps and used another fabric for the skirt. There’s an added elastic waist and a slit in the back so it’s comfy to wear. She also added beautiful ruffles along the skirt.




She also made me this adorable bowl out of the fabric scraps!


Here we are together! Couldn’t resist a silly photo. Below is what I made for Jess.  She sent me a beautiful blouse that she made and a knit top from Anthropologie. I felt terrible cutting into her blouse because I could tell how much work went into it. But she didn’t wear it and the hems on the pleats started to fray. I knew I wanted to reuse those pleated parts though. They were so pretty and I can only imagine how much time went into them. I trimmed them off and cleaned up the hems with some scissors and restitched them. I cut the knit top into short sleeves and added the ruffles there. I also used the sleeves of the blouse to make panels on the sides. Jess was really happy with it and I’m so glad!


This was such a fun experience. I would absolutely do this again.


2 thoughts on “Restyling Exchange Reveal!

  1. Yay! So glad you liked what I made. Saying something looks like it could be from Anthropologie is the highest compliment to me! Haha. It was so much fun partnering with you! ❤

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