Bibi Pinafore in Lindy Bop Fabric!

Lindy Bop is now selling their dress fabric by the meter! You can see all of their fabrics here. Of course I couldn’t resist this deer print scuba. I just love the colors in it, too! I’ve never used scuba before but it was pretty easy to work with for a knit.

The Bibi pinafore is from Tilly and the Buttons book, Stretch. The pattern has a pencil skirt but I’ve seen a few versions on Instagram with a circle skirt. I prefer a fuller skirt so I loved that idea! Lindy Bop fabric is sold in 1 or 3 meter increments so I just purchased one. I decided to draft an A line because I wouldn’t have enough fabric for a circle. To draft the skirt, I placed my waistband piece on the fold of the fabric. I traced 3/8″ above the bottom of the waistband piece to create the top of the pattern. I then marked where I wanted my skirt to end. I drew a line from the corner of the waistband to the bottom of the skirt to create the angled side edge of my pattern, and back across to the fold to create the bottom edge of my pattern.

This was a very quick make. The button detail in the back is my favorite part! Unfortunately since I was working with only a meter of fabric, matching the pattern on the fabric wasn’t possible. I am happy with the fit and because it’s knit- it’s really comfy to wear! I am considering hemming it a little bit shorter, though. What do you think? I’d love to make another in a solid color- maybe with a circle skirt next time!


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