2019 Sewing Plans!



(Seamwork Audrey Jacket, Closet Case Carolyn PJs, Papercut Kyoto Sweater, Jennifer Lauren Gable Dress, Colette Albion Duffle Coat, Jennifer Lauren Mayberry Dress, Megan Nielson Dawn Jeans, Colette Violet Blouse, Closet Case Kelly Anorak)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I made this year and what I would like to make in the new year. My goal this year was to make more practical garments and I definitely think I succeeded. I made a lot of basics that I got a lot of wear out of. I also made some things I’m not thrilled with. I hope to slow down in my sewing process this year so I can really focus on fit and details. I have a lot of plans this year but these 9 are at the top of my list. I think I would get a lot of use out of these as well as improve my sewing! What are your sewing goals for 2019?


2 thoughts on “2019 Sewing Plans!

  1. I will most likely spend 2019 learning how to quilt, and sorting my inherited stash, so very little clothing construction is on the horizon. However, that being said, I really want to make myself a bunch of new pajamas. I have this one nightgown I made many years ago and it is my favorite, but I keep only making one more as the old one wears out. Therefore I have to wear many other less cozy ones before the one I really want comes through the laundry. Kinda silly when all I have to do is make several of my favorite at the same time, and also stop buy fill ins to bridge the gap. But do I, no. Maybe this will be the year of the Pjs, and why not the matching robe. It’s always nice to have a dream 😁

    1. You should do it! It’s easier to make a few of the same thing at once and you’ll be glad you did. I can’t wait to make up my set of PJs. I’ve got a cozy flannel for them!

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