Seamwork Bo


I bought this star print cotton voile from Miss Matatabi a few months ago knowing it would be perfect for a Seamwork Bo. The Bo is a simple woven tee. There’s only 3 pattern pieces- a front, back and sleeve cuff, and you’ll need a little bit of bias tape for the neck facing. I swore I would never print at home and tape a pattern together again but this was only 20 pages so it wasn’t bad! It was a breeze to cut out.

It was my first time sewing with cotton voile and I found it a little tricky. My sewing machine didn’t want to pull it through even with my walking foot. I think i may have stretched it a bit in a few places and had the most difficulty with the bias tape around the neck. I unpicked and tried to perfect it a few times but I gave up when it was good enough. The fabric is so nice though and feels lovely on! I definitely would give it another try in the future.

Since the fabric is so sheer, I knew I wanted enclosed seams so I did a french seam at the shoulders and sides. The cuff encloses the raw edge of the sleeve. It’s a great pattern for lightweight fabrics but I’d be curious to try it in something heavier!

It should have been a very simple and quick make but sometimes with sewing things don’t go as planned! I definitely see myself making more of these. I think they will be great to wear in the summertime.

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