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Seamwork Leonora Skirt


I’m so glad I finally decided to make this skirt! I kept looking at RTW versions of a denim button down skirt in the store but I kept thinking back to this pattern. I really liked the idea of white version. I knew it would go with so many things in my closet. I plan on making a blue denim one too sometime this summer.


The skirt was pretty easy to make! I didn’t run into any issues until I was doing the buttons and button holes. My machine likes to malfunction when I want to make buttonholes on thicker fabric. I ended up doing most of them manually on the machine. Then, I had trouble installing the denim buttons. I bought the ones made by Dritz at Joann’s and do not recommend them. The pins kept bending when I hammered them. I managed to get these buttons attached but I’m not convinced they are going to last. I plan on replacing them with another brand sometime soon.


Overall, I’m happy with this skirt and am excited to wear it a lot this summer! 



5 thoughts on “Seamwork Leonora Skirt

  1. I’ve only ever used Dritz’ jean buttons and they are a PAIN. The pins bend so easily and don’t go in well. Do you have any recommendations for other brands?

    1. Blackbird fabrics recommended some ykk ones they have in their shop. Someone else recommended “citron jeans” on Etsy. I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’m hoping one of these work better!

  2. The most recent package of Dritz jean buttons I bought were the same–a total waste of money and time. Every single one bent went I tried to put them on the garment. It’s shame, because they used to be such a good and useful product. Your skirt looks great!

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