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Sewing Pouches


The only other gifts I made this year were these two clear zippered pouches for a couple friends.  I used the pattern and tutorial from the Stitched Sewing Organizer book by Aneela Hoey. There are so many cute projects in this book and they make great gifts! These pouches are meant for sewing supplies but they can really be used for anything. They came together so quickly! I made both of them after work one night which is amazing because I have a hard time even starting a project- let alone finishing two, after a long day. I used scrap fabric I had at home. The yellow is store bought bias tape and the other is homemade. The vinyl was pretty easy to sew. I made sure to use a thick needle and used clips to hold everything together. I made them a little extra special by filling them with a few smaller gifts, too.




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