O Christmas Tree


And the holiday rush has begun! I can’t believe Christmas is just three weeks away. I’m happy to say that all of the decorating around our home is done. I have a tendency to overwhelm myself during this time of year. I want to do too much. Last year I insisted on making a gift for everyone and it was just too stressful. This year I have decided to only make 3 or 4 and not feel bad about it. I’ll be sure to post them once they have been made and given. Do you make your gifts?

Anyway, back to the tree! We live down the street from a tree farm so we cut down our tree yesterday for the third year in the row. It’s become one of my favorite traditions. It’s funny how different the tree always looks once you get it inside. Last year, there was a big empty space we somehow didn’t notice. This year, the tree we picked is huge! I laugh every time I walk into our living room. It’s beautiful, though. Normally I tease Michael for wanting to put every single ornament we own on it (we have all of his from childhood and lots that we collected over the years) but this year, I think we need more!


I wore my biggest Black Friday purchase- a new J Crew winter coat. I tried this style on a few years ago and I kept thinking about it. It’s now my third J Crew coat and I think I am set on coats. They are pricey but worth every penny in my opinion, especially if you catch a great sale.


Ta-da! The completed tree. I also have another rose gold tree in our bedroom that I decorated with just our vintage glass ornaments. I’ll be sure to share that soon. I’ll also be sharing my holiday dinner table and some upcoming sewing projects. Check back soon!


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