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Rockport, MA


We were a little late in booking our trip to Salem so nearly every place to stay was booked up. We opted to stay about a half hour away on the coast in this cute little town called Rockport. I was so pleasantly surprised with our choice. The water and the streets were so picturesque. There’s a street that goes right down to the water just lined with shops. We strolled around for a bit, grabbed a fish dinner and ate some ice cream. Unfortunately everything closed very early so we weren’t able to go in some of the shops we wanted to. I think it’s because it was the off season for a coastal town.


Michael and I love visiting new towns and exploring around. I wish we were able to do it more but I’m always happy when we have a chance. I’m so glad we picked this town to stay in and I would definitely think about going back!


I was a little overdressed when the sun was shining but I was glad to have this sweater when the sun went down. I’m wearing all vintage or things I bought many years ago.



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