Colette Aster


I made a Colette Aster top on Sunday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily this top came together! I made it out of a cotton gingham from Jo Ann fabrics. The only issue I had was with the top of the placket…it was a little tricky to get it to come to a perfect point on the first side I did. (which is why the buttons are on the wrong side since I put the nicer side on top.) The places where I had marked for buttons when I cut out the pattern also didn’t make sense once I had gotten to that step. Which was OK because I got to use my new adjustable seam gauge! This is such a neat little tool for button placement. Anyway, I already wore this top once but didn’t get any photos. I’ll be sure to get some next time! I plan on making this top in the long sleeve version in a flannel this winter.



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