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Endless Summer (Simplicity 1426 & Butterick BP289)


I thought we were headed into fall weather but this past week was hot! Beaches are free here in September so we took this opportunity to put our feet in the sand one more time this year. It was so nice to just sit and watch the waves. I think I could have stayed all day if we didn’t have somewhere to be.


I was really happy to have a chance to wear this set I made. I thought I was going to have to wait until next summer. The top is Simplicity 1426, lined with poly laminate foam for support. And the shorts are Butterick BP289. I made them in this really cute daisy cotton I got from Jo Ann fabrics.


It was very comfortable! I’ve made these shorts once before and I definitely recommend this pattern. I’m also very happy with how this top turned out. There are different styles included in this pattern that I think I will have to try next summer. The pattern didn’t mention the foam but I’m so glad I decided to put it in. I had ordered some for a bathing suit I made (I’ll have to share that one day) but I was too impatient for it to arrive so I used some molded cups from Jo Anns instead. I will definitely use the foam over molded cups in the future. It’s much softer and was really easy to sew! I just cut the foam the same size as the bra lining and basted it to that piece.





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