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Woodland Critters (Colette Moneta)


I’m sure it will be obvious soon enough- if something has cute woodland critters on it, I’ll want it. I already made one of these Colette Moneta dresses this season in a plaid but when I saw this fabric on the shelf at Jo Ann’s I knew I would be making another one sooner than I expected.


I really like this pattern. This dress is pretty easy and quick to sew, and it’s very easy to wear. And I mean, it has POCKETS. Which already makes it awesome. This is a cute option for walking around a flea market and thrift stores on the weekend- which is where I wore this! I layered it with some wool socks and a denim jacket since it was a bit cold and rainy. I’m still getting the hang of my twin needle, but I’m pretty happy with how the brown contrast stitching turned out.


Dress: handmade | Accessories: all have been in my closet for several years

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